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MVNO Working Assets offers Solio solar charger

Chris Ziegler

Working Assets, an MVNO on Sprint's network, makes a habit of supporting a handful of causes by donating 1 percent of subscribers' charges to "progressive nonprofits" -- but how's about doing some good of its own? Customers and potential customers can now scoop up this cool looking "Solio" solar charger for free when purchased with an LG 150 flip for $69 on contract. The charger accepts power from either a wall outlet or that big, glowing thing in the sky, ready to dispense juice to the LG in your pocket at a moment's notice. Working Assets claims the Solio weighs in at a $100 value, so we figure $0 ain't a bad deal; sure, the 150 isn't the coolest phone in the world, but we figure that little indiscretion is more than made up with the badass charger.

[Via RCR Wireless News]

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