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Next President's trick new Marine One copter is better than yours


There's a new presidential helicopter in town, and while George W. will have to run for a third term to get a shot at it, the next president of the United States is a lock for showing up on the White House lawn in this new ride. The Marine One VH-71 is a good many years in production, and will finally show up in 2009. There's seating room for 14 passengers, along with a kitchen, bathroom, high-speed communications suite, sound and vibration reduction and missile protection. The new choppers -- Lockheed Martin is building 23 of them by 2018 -- have a 350 mile range, compared to the current 100 miles of the VH-3Ds, and are being billed an "Oval Office in the sky." There was really never a better time to throw your hat in the ring for "leader of the free world."

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