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NJ teen trades his unlocked iPhone for three more and a sports car

Nilay Patel

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While the rest of us patiently wait for either UniquePhones or iPhoneSIMfree to call high noon on AT&T's legal team and release their software unlocks, 17-year-old George Hotz is cashing in on all those hours of work it took him to work his hardware magic: Terry Daidone, the founder of phone reseller CertiCell, traded three locked 8GB iPhones and one Nissan 350Z to get his hot little hands on Geohot's unlocked unit. Geohot says he'll give the three phones to his first PayPal contributor and two of his hacking accomplices, and we're betting that car will come in handy when he heads off to college this week. Hey, we've got an unlocked iPhone sitting around here somewhere -- but we're not settling for anything less than an actual sentient KITT.

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