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Rumor: GameStop increasing pre-order to $10, changing image


The Wiicast says GameStop had a little "management" convention in Las Vegas this weekend where they discussed changes coming to the company. Will D'Angelo, who runs the Wiicast, says that information was gathered through "sources" and eavesdropping by a security guard. Overheard was GameStop will be overhauling the "look, design, logos" of the brand and changing the slogan to "Power to the Players." They'll also be tracking "random games'" pre-order sales to see if the standard pre-order deposit should be $10.

Allegedly, If these things are true, we'll start seeing signs in the coming weeks leading into the holiday season. Despite GameStop having a record quarter, there's no denying it has an image problem. The question becomes if the changes will actually make a difference, or if it's just dressing up the same old nasty beast in new cloths. We still want to know how much of GameStop's fortunes have to do with being a glorified pawn shop and the interest they make from all that pre-order money just sitting in an account somewhere.

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