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Final Fantasy retrospective: Part VII


The Final Fantasy X series on the PS2: Behold the summonings, the whining heros, and the fashion! Final Fantasy X followed the story of Tidus, a blitzball player who is ripped out of his dimension by his father's adventuring companion just as the city he lives in is destroyed by the indescribable Sin. When Tidus comes to, he meets the summoner Lady Yuna and they proceed to have their girlish infatuation with each other for the rest of the story. They defeat Sin and save Yuna's world ... and for the first time ever, that wasn't the end of the tale.

Final Fantasy X-2, love it or hate it, it was the first true sequel to a Final Fantasy story ever and it went all-out in breaking the traditional mold, but still gave nods to some series conventions. Three female leads, J-pop musical numbers and fashion, fashion, fashion! Many gamers dismiss Final Fantasy X-2 -- for obvious surface reasons -- but from a purely combat perspective, it's still more truly Final Fantasy than the the MMO-style combat offerings coming up in Final Fantasy XI and XII.

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