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Guildwatch: Happy birthday, GW!

Mike Schramm

Yeah, I can't believe it either, but as of August 8th (which was actually a few weeks ago), Guildwatch, just like some realms, has been going down every Tuesday for a year. Well, not quite every Tuesday-- most guilds took a little break from raiding when Burning Crusade dropped, and we took a little break from reporting it. Started up again in February, and have been rolling ever since then.

But I have to say, when I thought up this little slice of guild drama, downed news, and recruiting from around the realms, I had no idea anyone would share my appreciation for news like this. Big thanks to everyone who sent their tips in (to and you can send tips right now for next week's column), and an even bigger thanks to everyone out there who got really angry about something happening in their guild, and decided to do something irrational about it. You're the oil that greases our wheels! Thanks!

Click the link below to see this week's GW.


  • The GM of After Life on EU Kilrogg apparently suffered some indignity-- one of the guild's Hunters named his pet after him. A smacking down ensued, and now the monkey has learned his place. Oh, and the Hunter's pet has settled down, too. This is nothing, though-- I've named every single one of my Hunter alt's pets after our guild's main tanks. I just feel better when I've got them in between me and the mob.
  • Good drama over on Skywall-- some ambitious folks from Driven to Conquer and Rebirth ditched their respective guilds to form a superguild called Reclaimed, and are now claiming to be "the next #1 guild on Skywall." Because nothing says you'll be number one more than getting on your lowbie alt and bragging that you just betrayed your guilds, right? But they're not doing too bad so far: 3 bosses in SSC and 2 in TK down is what I'm told.
  • So apparently a whole ton of drama went down among Live to Win on Maelstrom-A. We posted a little while ago that the guild leaders there were ditching people from their PuGs for their own guildies, and after we did that, the whole thing blew up. The thread eventually got deleted, but here's what the OP looked like when the carnage had completed. Our original anonymous tipster, who I have to thank wholeheartedly for archiving all this stuff for us, also preserved the Vent conversation, which can be found here. If you can make it through that whole thing, you have much more patience than I do. My favorite part: right at the end of the transcript. "That's how $(#*ing ruthless I am. I don't give a $(#@. You can post that @&^# on the forums." Apparently LtW eventually got gutted, and a lot of members ended up in kaTANG. And now, other guilds on Maelstrom-H have pretty much blacklisted members of both guilds. Nice.
  • The Lollipop Guild on Alleria-A got a pretty funny application on their site. Oh man, those drawings completely make it. The Rogue is my favorite, although "is it boy or girl?" is awesome too.
  • Behold, the power of Hunters. Gogey's class leader in Pariah on Malorne wouldn't let him raid as a BM Hunter, so the other Hunters on the realm opened up a can of ranged whoopass. Eventually, Gogey learned his lesson-- he /gquit and headed off to join Esoteric, where I can only assume they love him as BM Hunters should be loved.
  • Aquitas Veritas (which I'm told means Truth and Justice) of Anub'arak has dropped the Curator. But who will watch the museum now?? Also, they're recruiting folks to finish off Karazhan and head to Gruul and Mag.
  • Vanguards of Azeroth on Sargeras-A has cleared out Karazhan for good. They're also seeking more players, to fill out a second raid group and advancing onwards. They want mature players who can do well and "handle the sarcastic nature of the guild."
  • Celestial Knights of Eldre'Thelas dropped a note to say they'd dropped both Gruul and Netherspite. Holy cow, look at that hit.
  • Tanked and Spanked of EU Aszune tanked and spanked Gruul right in the behind-- took him down on their first try ever. That has to sting.
  • Fatal (who didn't tell me a server or a faction) finished off Gruul as well. Pink is the new Purple, apparently.
  • Harbringer on Tanaris wants to brag that they won the Chess event! Just kidding-- they downed Curator and Shade is on notice. And they're also recruiting Priests, if you're on that realm and interested.
  • Absolute on Emerald Dream finished of Al'ar last week. Grats-- any sign of that Pheonix mount?
  • The Horror on Deathwing-H killed Maulgar. He not so tough!
  • The Silver Hand Raiders Alliance on Silver Hand (where else?) finally killed Gruul, and it was sweet-- apparently they'd gotten him to 1% without killing him before. So frustrating-- I think my guild did that way back on Onyxia, and we were unhappy when it happened.
  • Fatesealed on Silvermoon-H finished off Gruul on the 12th grow in their 3rd visit to the Lair. Video or it didn't happen!
  • Solstice (ah yes, the first NES game I ever bought) on EU Shadowsong has killed HKM, has one group clearing Kara, another aiming for Nightbane, and a third just starting.. more to come, they say.
  • Occam's Razor on Turalyon dropped Mag on a Tuesday, and Void Reaver on a Wednesday. Fathom Lord, they say, is set to go down on Thursday.
  • Dusk Raiders on Cenarion Circle-A killed Mag, and actually finished the fight with only 12 players alive. They are also always looking, they say, for excellent and mature players.
  • Perdition on Onyxia-H is just rocking the house-- here's video of them doing a HKM/Gruul/Mag 3fer on one night, and Void Reaver two days later.
  • Marginal Heroes' Team Biznatch finished off Shade, and put Prince on notice.
  • Ashes to Ashes on Nazgrel-A killed Romulo and Julianne, then Curator, and put Medivh's father on notice.
  • Revenge on Vekilnash-A killed off Void Reaver as well.
  • Tides of Darkness also finished off Gruul after getting him to 1% before. That's two this week!
  • Vulgar Display of Power on Drak'thul has killed off the Prince. Grats!
  • Cats Game on Gorefiend-A killed off Kael for a guild first and a server second. Awesome.
  • Eris is a new guild on Jubei'Thos that calls themselves "cas-core." They raid 3 to 4 nights a week, but they promise the sessions are short.
  • Day Trippers on Dethecus-H just finished off Karazhan (Nightbane down wooot, they say, reservedly I'm sure), and they're now looking for Resto Druids and Elemental and Resto Shaman.
  • Divinity on Blackhand-A, especially Druids and Shamans, to get that extra edge on Gruul. A few ranged DPS wouldn't hurt either, they say.
  • Out to Kill on Balnazar-H is a new reroll guild headed towards 70. If you're looking for a new start, check 'em out-- they're paying 50g if you server transfer over to them and move up from "recruitment" rank.
  • See, this recruiting thing does work: a few weeks ago we featured Mutiny on Gorgonnash-A recruiting for Karazhan, and now they've already finished off everyone but Netherspite. They are still looking for a few healers and DPS for a second Kara group as well.
  • The League of Anti-Sobriety on Durotan is apparently a one man guild at the moment, and he's LFM. Now, I'm all for (legally, of course) imbibing alcohol, but dude-- forming a one man guild and asking for help is not the best way to get a good guild together. Join up somewhere else first and see how it works.
  • At Least We Own PvE (winner of this week's Best Guild Name award) on Windrunner-A is recruiting all classes to keep up the pwnage in Karazhan.
  • Tainted Deception on Sargeras-A is recruiting all classes 60+
  • Ordo Dormus on Earthen Ring-A is seeking a few good healers to raid with-- they just finished off Void Reaver.
  • Reverent on Thunderhorn-A is looking for a few more mature, experienced players to do what they do-- take both raiding and real life seriously. I liked what our tipster, Noxveritas, said about introducing himself as a "guildleader and podcaster": It's "like introducing yourself as knitter and Quizbowl champion." Dude, I'm a blogger... about World of Warcraft. Know how long it takes me to explain my job at family reunions?
  • New Enemy Conquest on Dentarg-H is recruiting for SSC.
  • This column isn't really for "looking for guild" requests, this one's special: if there are any guilds out there who raid on the US servers, but on Denmark time, and are recruiting, drop a note in the comments below, please. There's a Warrior and a BM Hunter who would like to speak with you.
  • Die Now Play Later on EU Skullcrusher is looking for some 18+ healers, a tank, and assorted DPS.
  • Hakuna Matata on Area 52-H is recruiting "people," not "classes," they say. So if you're a good person and want to be a better player, look them up.
Holy moly! We got a ton of great tips this week. If you've got one for the next year of Guildwatch, feel free to send it on to Until next week, happy raiding!

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