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Halo 3 achievements are pretty much confirmed

Dustin Burg

One of the only Halo 3 related nuggets-o-info not to be officially confirmed by Bungie yet have been the game's achievements which mysteriously popped up (and later updated) a few months ago. But then there was all this rampant fanboy hubbub around a new set of achievements making their way online, all secret and fueling a rumor that Bungie might have released the first set of Halo 3 achievements as red-herrings. But fanboys, we have video proof that the original set of leaked achievements were spot on and very final. The overly long video above was taken while Bungie's own Frankie was online playing the gold build of Halo 3 and shows an official Xbox 360 guide achievement comparison for Halo 3. And like we said, the achievements are identical to the leaked Halo 3 achievement we've seen before. That's it, we're officially calling the task of trying to find out Halo 3's achievements before release solved and complete.

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