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Letting things fall through the cracks

Mike Schramm

The World of Warcraft is a big place. We've got tons of stuff going on, from Highbourne elven ghosts run amok, to crazy furbolgs, to leperous gnomes, all the way to the Burning Legion, the Scourge, and the clash of Titans and the Old Gods themselves. Things are happening all around us, all the time.

So it's not surprising that a few things can slip through the cracks. Last night, I was rolling through Nagrand with my rogue when I got a quest to kill an Ethereal near Oshu'gun. While I was wandering around near the mountain, I saw an opening inside, and decided to see what was in there. And inside, I found something very surprising: Kil'sorrow agents holding a Naaru captive. According to the lore, the mountain itself is actually a ship, and the Naaru inside, K'ure, was weakened in the ship's crash and trapped there for centuries. The trapped Naaru in Silvermoon City (who funnels power to Blood Elf Paladins everywhere) gets all the press, but K'ure and his predicament have gone virtually unnoticed by both players and NPCs.

Likewise, did anyone notice that the Arrakoa are actually attempting to summon an Old God to Shadowmoon Valley? In the southern part of the zone, among the green pools, you can see the bird men focusing their energies on something that looks exactly like C'thun. Considering all the trouble the Old Gods had caused, you'd think that would get a lot more attention than it does (unless it's just that no one really believes the Arrakoa could really do it-- they haven't pulled it off so far).

Is there anything else that's fallen through the cracks of everything happening in the world? I'd think we'd be concerned that the Burning Legion is using a trapped Naaru or that the Arrakoa are trying to raise one of the most powerful beings in the Universe, but with everything else going on, I guess it doesn't raise much of an alarm.

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