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Logitech's new ClearChat Pro and ClearChat Comfort headsets


The next time you're screaming down the line at your squadron to bank left and swarm on a pack of Nazi gunners, you'll be doing it in style and comfort thanks to Logitech's new ClearChat Comfort and ClearChat Pro headsets. The new USB-based, headphone / microphone combos are aimed at making gaming, Skype-ing, and music or movie playback easier on the ears with a handful of comfort improvements and noise-canceling features. The ClearChat Pro features "laser-tuned" audio drivers, the SoundSwitch auto-optimizing EQ, a flexible boom (for mic positioning), "quick-access" audio controls (located on the earpiece), and a mute indicator. The ClearChat Comfort offers adjustable, ultra-padded ear pads and in-line volume and mute controls. Both models will be available in September, with the Pro clocking in at $49.99, while the Comfort will be $39.99.

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