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Brix concept phone wows, expands into large screen display


Designer Seokwon Hong's Brix mobile phone concept looks to be the stuff of dreams, but we'd welcome it today with arms wide open. This innovative idea sees a mobile with a screen covering all of the front real estate feature the ability to connect with other Brix, the two then become one as the screens merge content. The idea behind it while simple, offers up endless fun scenarios for use: from gaming nights with friends -- you'll need a lot of Brix-toting friends, of course, and it'll have to support some type of input -- to family events for pic sharing, and the like. When devices are connected a temporary shared content folder is created until your break them apart, alternatively one device can be set as the control or hub device. We've seen countless concept devices, but this is one of the first to really stand out with excellent real-world possibilities. Job very well done! We're lining up for review samples -- we think a minimum of ten should be good -- today.

[Via Sci FI Tech]

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