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CoD 4 beta opens up to all who signed up

Dustin Burg

If you signed up for the second wave of entry into the Call of Duty 4 multiplayer beta then boy oh boy do we have got great news for you.

As planned, Infinity Ward closed down the extended entry into the CoD 4 beta last night and prepared to send out entry tokens to a select random few. But soon after the sign up closed down we were informed of their new beta plans. Over on Fourzerotwo's blog he announced that, in an effort to apologize to the community for the last few days of craziness, Infinity Ward will be awarding CoD 4 multiplayer beta tokens to EVERY person who signed up. That's right, if you signed up for entry into the beta you are guaranteed a beta download token. Heck, your token could be sitting in your inbox right now. Fourzerotwo says that they'll be sending out beta tokens throughout the next few days, staggering the emails out a little bit so they can slowly ramp up the amount of beta participants. So, if you signed up and still haven't received your beta token, just be patient. You'll get it soon'ish. Oh, and Infinity Ward, we just want to say that you guys rock!

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