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Monster Cable producing "speed-rated" HDMI cables

Matt Burns

All right Monster Cable, what are ya doing? Speed rating your HDMI cables? We have to be honest, we're a little skeptical about the differences in HDMI speed. Technically, there might be a difference when compared with some special Monster-developed gizmo, but we highly doubt there would be a difference under real world tests. (BTW, we'd love to try it out for ourselves) Besides the obvious revenue answer, if there were a difference in HDMI cables, why wouldn't you just produce the best? Why flood the market with multiple "speed" options and confuse/irritate us consumers when you could just make one uber-high quality HDMI cable? The cables start at $50 for the Standard 1 meter, and go all the way up to $100 for the Ultra-High Speed, with two different speed options in between, along with multiple lengths. Come on Monster Cable, the days of analog interference are gone so hop on the HDMI boat and stop over charging for a digital cable.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]

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