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NAD intros new processor-tuner-preamp, amps

Steven Kim

NAD Electronics has announced a new preamp-tuner-processor and two new amplifiers for HT duty. Preamp-tuner-processor is a mouthful -- couldn't they just say "ampless receiver"? The T175 (NAD's T744 receiver pictured) preamp-tuner-processor takes NAD's "less is more" approach in user interface but doesn't skimp on the features, with four HDMI 1.3 inputs capable of passing 1080p, Audyssey room correction/calibration, and TI's Aureus 7.1 DSP for surround sound decoding. The T975 and T955 amps are, wouldn't you know, 7- and 5- channel amps that deliver 140- and 100- Watts per channel, respectively. This gear is in the high-end separates part of the market, with the T175 and T955 coming in at $1,999 each, and the T975 a wallet-busting $2,499.

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