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Parrot announces DS3120 Bluetooth stereo, DS1120 Bluetooth speakers


Always one to cut cords at every corner, Parrot has taken advantage of IFA to unveil a range of new Bluetooth-equipped devices, including the stereo and speakers seen above. As you can no doubt surmise, the DS3120 Bluetooth stereo will pull tunes off your cellphone or other Bluetooth-equipped device and pump 'em through the unit's 20W speakers. Those looking to add a bit more ooomph to their phone calls can also use the stereo for some handsfree calling, with the integrated 1.8-inch LCD able to display phonebook information in addition to track and album details. On the non-Bluetooth front, the stereo packs a line-in port to accommodate other devices, along with an SD card slot and a built-in FM radio. If that's all a bit too much for you, you may want to consider Parrot's new DS1120 Bluetooth speakers, which ups the power output to a full 30W, with a Class-D digital amplifier in each speaker. Parrot's also thoughtfully bundled a Bluetooth USB dongle with the speakers, along with an RCA input to let you use 'em other devices. Look for both to be available this October, with the stereo running €169 ($230) and the speakers setting you back €199 ($270).

- Pocket-lint, "Parrot launches DS3120 Bluetooth home stereo"
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