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Samsung intros SPH-P9200 Deluxe MIT


Apart from its obvious smallness, Samsung's original SPH-P9000 "Deluxe MIT" proved to be a decent enough device when we got our hands on it at CES, with its built-in Mobile WiMAX support providing a welcome, if disappointingly slow added connectivity option (at least for those with access to it). Now it seems that Samsung has decided to give the device a bit of a refresh, rolling out its new and somewhat improved SPH-P9200 Deluxe MIT at the Samsung 4G Forum in Korea this week. While details are still pretty light, the big addition here looks to be a new 5-inch touchscreen, which would seem to make the unit a tad more usable. No word on any changes to the processor, but you can apparently expect the same 30GB hard drive and, of course, the same Mobile WiMAX connectivity, with Windows XP still hanging in as the OS. Hit up the read link below for a few more pics courtesy of AVING.

[Via Mobile Whack]

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