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Travis Touchdown has a comfortable home life


Suda 51 is really driving home the message that No More Heroes' Travis Touchdown is, well, not a hero. Famitsu has some screenshots of the home of Santa Destroy's newest hitman, a room in the austere No More Heroes Motel. And, as if the beam katana purchased at auction, and the numerous references to pro wrestling and anime fandom we've already heard, weren't enough, Travis's room gets the point across: our protagonist is an otaku. A nerd.

Travis is the kind of guy who lives in a cheap apartment (actually a motel room) filled with anime figurines and electronics. Dude's got some kind of big robot model. A Nintendo 64 is clearly visible on one of his shelves. He's also irresponsible enough to go put himself in danger when he's got a kitten at home to take care of. We can't condone that kind of behavior. Well, we can in a video game, but none of you should go join a hitman circuit unless you've got someone willing to watch your cat.

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