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Fox signs up with MS, Family Guy hits XBLM


Variety reports that Fox has partnered with Microsoft to become a new content provider for the Video Marketplace. The first batch of content from Fox will be the first two seasons of the fan favorite, Family Guy. Also coming to the Video Marketplace is the DVD movie Family Guy Presents Stewie Griffin -- the Untold Story (otherwise known as "the Stewie movie"). New seasons of the show will be arriving soon and new episodes are expected to be available the day after they air.

Of course, Fox has more to offer than Family Guy, but Microsoft and the studio felt the series was a good match for the demographic that has been downloading scads of programs like South Park and movies like 300. If Family Guy isn't your thing, don't worry, there will be plenty of Fox content on Video Marketplace before long.

[Via MEGATONik. Thanks, zizzy]

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