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Hammer of Grammar hits the comic scene

Mike Schramm

If you haven't heard of it yet, Hammer of Grammar seems to be the new breakthrough star in the WoW comic scene. I've seen it pop up in quite a few places already, and the latest comic, a great lore-filled dig at AFKers, has me completely sold-- not to mention that the comic's creator (who I'm guessing by the URL is someone named Meghan O'Hara? My kingdom for an About page!) is a big WoW Insider fan, and friends with our own Matt Rossi. So obviously they're good people.

The strip centers around a Melee Hunter named Gweryc (yes, that Gweryc) and a Human Priest named Auden (who is the author's character, I believe), but it's best when, unlike Flintlocke (which has garnered the most comparisons to so far), it avoids the adventures and just sticks to witty insight about this crazy game we play.

It's a great start for a cool comic, and hopefully we'll see a lot more from Hammer of Grammar.

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