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Honeywell, in cooperation with the Borg, develop self-healing HDMI cable

Matt Burns

Yesterday there was Monster Cable's Speed-Rated HDMI cables and today, Honeywell's CURxE self-healing cable. Sounds like someone in the marketing department decided that the error correcting built into the HDMI spec wasn't good 'nough and told the engineers to incorporate a little chip into the cable. Of course brightly colored LEDs were added to help potential suckers justify the extra expense. The last set of enhanced HDMI equipped with LEDs and "chips" didn't help the picture at all; it made the picture worse. We don't know how much these HDMI cables are going to retail for or when they are going to be available but honestly, even if we did, we highly doubt anyone would rush out and pick a set up. We have a bad feeling with CEDIA right around the corner, this is only the beginning of off the wall, greed-driven HDMI marketing.

UPDATE: Link now directs to the offical Honeywell PR - more info to come.

[Via Electronic House]

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