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LG unveils "Design Art" product lineup


LG's going all hoity-toity on us today with its new Design Art line of products for Europe. The hope behind the line is that "LG is now developing 'coveted' products, rather than just 'needed' products." We'll see how that goes for them, but there is indeed plenty to love in the lineup. The Design Art TV series looks to be similar to the Opus LCD displays we saw last month, featuring up to 10,000:1 contrast ratios and LG's XD Engine, and of course 1080p resolutions. There's also a full complement of home theater gear with "champagne glass" speakers and a well-styled 1080p upconverter to go along with. The LF75 LCD comes in 37-inch and 42-inch sizes, with 10,000:1 contrast, while the LB75 comes in 8,000:1 for the 32-inch and 5:000:1 for the 26-inch. You can get all of the TVs with either a red or black support "ring." Prices range from 1,000 to 2,000 Euros ($1,364 to $2,728 US), no word on when they'll hit the market.

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