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Nikon's Coolpix S51c with a lick of WiFi sugar


Mmm mm, WiFi and digital photography go together like brown on Zune (whatever that means). Sprinkle in a 3-inch LCD, optical lens shift vibration reduction, SDHC expansion, and Nikon's new EXPEED image processing and you've got Nikon's Coolpix S51c. Under the hood you'll find an 8.1 megapixel, 1/2.5-inch CCD pumping away in support of that 3x Zoom-NIKKOR glass. All well and good, but the WiFi seems limited to pushing photos up to Nikon's new "My Picturetown" service only. At least from there it "supports picture transfer to various imaging devices as well as Internet services." €299/$407 -- less if you opt for the WiFi-less S51.

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