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Philips boasts of "sharpest-ever images" with new LCD monitor line


Philips sure seems to be confident in the new line of LCD monitors it's introduced at IFA, with the company boasting that they deliver the "sharpest-ever images." Apparently helping the monitors meet that dubious claim are their PerfecTune and SmartImage features, the former of which supposedly ensures that each monitor boasts "laboratory-quality display performance," while the latter apparently analyzes the content on the screen and "dynamically enhances the contrast, color saturation and sharpness of images or video" to meet a selected scenario. What's more, Philips is also claiming that the monitors boast the lowest power consumption in the industry, using "up to 30 percent less power" that their competitors. Each model also comes equipped with Philip's SmartAcessory feature, which'll let you use multifunction clips to keep webcams and other gear off your desk. While complete specs are still a bit light, you'll get your choice of 17 or 19-inch standard aspect ratio monitors or 19, 20, or 22-inch widescreen models, although it seems that only some of them come will come with the aforementioned do-it-all PerfecTune and SmartImage features.

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