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Sharp might intro, yet again, another Blu-ray player

Matt Burns

This might be the last time we report on a Sharp Blu-ray player launch as it will be the fifth announced model (BD-MPC70, BD-HD1000, BD-MPC10, BD-HP1 & BD-HP20S), but yet, where are they? We have yet to see a Sharp Blu-ray player on any shelf -- virtual or physical for that matter. CEDIA is next week and an insider is reporting via AVS Forum that a $499 player should drop. Deets are somewhat sketchy, but the good money is on that the player is either going to be the BD-HP20S or something very close to it. This means the unit should be slim with supposedly quick load times, equipped with HDMI 1.3 support; still no word on profile 1.0 or 1.1 though. Hopefully all these details will be cleared up at CEDIA next week, or maybe sooner at IFA, but if this player launches and doesn't hit the market -- we're done.

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