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Bummer note about the Engadget Podcast

Ryan Block, @ryan

Podcast fans,

I have some bummer news and some not-so-bummer news for you. I'll cut to the chase (warning: it gets a little personal): after more than a hundred shows and almost three years of podcasting Peter and I have decided to put the show on hiatus. Yeah, I know, it's seriously depressing to us too, but since the death of Pete's dad we just haven't been able to get the show back on track. So instead of dragging it out any further and keeping you all wondering, we figured it's best to be realistic about things.

The no-so-bummer news is the Engadget HD podcast lives on, with Ben and his new co-host Steve running the show with our pal Trent producing. So yeah, it wouldn't be infeasible for Pete or myself to guest over there every now and again. And hey, the Engadget Podcast is only on hiatus, there's no reason it might not return later, or during events like CES.

To everyone who's stuck by the show thus far, your loyalty and listenership means a LOT to us. It's hard to express just how much we've appreciated the constant flow of support and input you guys have given us. Doing the podcast has always been one of the highlights of our week, and we're looking forward to kickstarting the show again at some point down the road. Until then, you know where to find us!

Your pals,
Ryan and Pete

P.S. -It just didn't seem right to post this without an audio note to the same effect!


By popular request, you can still download the Engadget Podcast back catalogue. Just enter in the following URL, they've all got the same file format: (i.e. We're working on updating all the old back links on our show notes, which go all the way back to 2004.

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