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Forum Post of the Day: Mega Super Giga Mana potions

Mike Schramm

Bregdark is worried about Blizzard-- first we had Health and Mana potions, but those weren't enough. Then we had Superior Mana potions, Major mana potions, and now in Outland, we're chugging Super Mana potions. But where can Blizzard go from here?

There are quite a few good suggestions in the thread: Mega Mana potions, Super Duper potions, Totally Rad Mana potions, and the fan favorite "Sexy Time Mana potions." Of course, there's always got to be someone raining on the party, so Barnes (wait a minute) pipes up with a ton of words Blizzard could actually use, and then some:

"Ultra, Hyper, Mega, Ultimate (probably ill-advised to use this one), Magnificent, Marvelous, Superb, Grand, Prime, Splendid, Sublime, Exquisite, Great, Perfect (also not recommended), Supreme, Terrific, Transcendent, Copious, Prodigious, Primal (re-use). That's excluding fantasy intensifiers or superlatives such as "Fel", "Nether", "Draenic", etc."

So yes, no need to worry-- Blizzard's got lots of options to choose from. But am I the only one that feels just a little taken aback at the thought that we're going to get yet another expansion that has nothing but bigger widgets. Yes, of course, the point of every RPG, MMO or otherwise, is to go out there and get more health and a bigger sword, but playing the same game with a fresh coat of new paint will get old after a while, won't it?

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