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Insider Trader: Working for the weekend


Every Friday, Insider Trader slips you the inside line on making, selling, buying and using player-made products.

Nerf fishers – kicked back in their comfy Fishing Chairs, they definitely corner the market on chillin' with style. In honor of the upcoming three-day Labor Day weekend, we take a look at the newest way to hang with style (and psst, you don't actually have to be fishing to use this tip). At the other end of the spectrum, for those of you who demand crunchy bits, we've dug up some efficiency tips for hard-working enchanters. So whether you choose to spend Labor Day kicking back on the beaches of Stranglethorn or toiling in town over a hot disenchanting window, read on for Insider Trader's Labor Day special.

First up: the Fishing Chair. Available only via a special loot-coded version of the "Gone Fishin'" card from the WoW trading card set "Through the Dark Portal," this card seems to inspire some remarkable player enthusiasm. To quote's particularly eloquent description: "The Fishing Chair provides the discerning angler with a comfy place to rest his laurels and store his refreshing beverage of choice. The item is usable from the inventory and does not need to be equipped. Using the Fishing Chair opens a nice-looking folding chair with attached umbrella and drink holder. The umbrella's lining is decorated with a pattern of worm-baited hooks, very thoughtfully. The Fishing Chair works the same as a chair in any inn and can be sat in by clicking on it. While seated you can eat, drink or fish."

But it's not just fishers who are putting the Fishing Chair to good use ...

Gooru, an undead warlock from Twisting Nether, reports on the official forums that you don't have to be anywhere near water to whip out a Fishing Chair. "So if you're on Twisting Nether and you're Horde, I'm sure you'll see me up on the Orgrimmar bank chillin' in the chair ... or near the Auction House set up with my Goblin Gumbeaux Kettle and Picnic Basket," he concludes.

Do you have watertight trunks?
It seems that many players' Watertight Trunks aren't so watertight after all. Those of you who've fished up some of these cantankerous containers may get the strangest suspicion that the loot inside is sometimes different when you first peek inside to check than it is when you're finally ready to loot. "Today, I had a trunk with two bolts of silk and two pieces of heavy leather," recounts Granola, a druid (take note of his class, as you'll see in a moment) from the Wildhammer server. "I didn't have space in my inventory, so I left them in the trunk. Later, when I had space, the contents had changed to only two healing potions. Another time, I lost a green item in this way. Please someone else say this has happened to you! I need to know I'm not crazy!"

Sunders of Thunderlord comes to the rescue with an observation that not only has this happened to him, but that there's a definite pattern. "Something about shapeshifting or mailing changes the contents of trunks," he claims. So there you have it, Granola – control your animal urges, and may your trunks remain watertight!

Tips for tighter enchanting
For all you hardworking enchanters, we offer two labor-saving tips for your Labor Day weekend. First up: a quick test to help you decide whether to disenchant or sell a particular drop.

  • For weapons Does the weapon have high spirit or stamina or sell for more than 6 gold? If so, sell it on the Auction House or to a vendor. If not, disenchant it.
  • For armor Does the armor have appealing stats such as "of the bandit" or "of the physician"? If so, sell it on the AH or to a vendor. If not, disenchant it.
Our final Insider Tip of the week helps you autoloot disenchanted materials. Yeah, we know it's not a big deal – until you're clicking your way through a stack of 20, 30 or more items to disenchant in one sitting. By that point, you've probably realized that shift+click doesn't seem to auto-loot beyond the first item, and you're probably becoming pretty darn annoyed at having to mouse up and click to loot every ... single ... disenchant.

A few possible solutions from readers of the official forums:
  • "It isn't a solution, but I use the number pad to DE/prospect (1 and 4, respectively) and just keep the mouse hovered over the loot box." -- Navarra of Uldaman
  • "Selecting the option to have your loot box appear at your mouse can also help speed this up." -- Rainquest of Uldum
  • "All you need is to be near a mailbox. Get all the items you wish to DE into your inventory first. DE your first item; it auto-loots it. Now when your cast bar is channeling the DE for the second item, right-click the mailbox. It opens your inbox, of course, but it also auto-loots the reagents from the DE once the channel is complete. Begin the DE for the next item; as it's channeling, right-click again on the mailbox. (You don't need to close mailbox after opening it. Just the action of re-opening the mailbox is the key.) As long as you right-click the mailbox as you are channeling the DE, it will auto loot the reagents from the loot window." -- Loktovar of Aggramar
But the most elegant solution comes from Ro of Hyjal, who offers this macro:

/script CloseLoot()
/cast Disenchant

Hit the macro to cast DE, Ro explains, and hit it again to close the loot window. (He notes that you'll get a message saying you can't DE while the loot window is open if it's still closing the window.) Case (and loot window) closed.

Lisa Poisso is a magazine editor, when she's not logging in to disenchant stack after stack of items mailed from her guildmates.

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