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Philips' new PVD1075 10.2-inch portable DVB-T player


OK, it's not quite a jumbo-tron, but 10.2-inches is seriously infringing on laptop screen territory -- and that's really not a bad thing. Philips' new PVD1075 DVB-T TV sports all the screen you really need (until the bigger ones come out next year), along with an external antenna and analog tuner. There's a seven-day Electronic Program Guide for picking your shows wisely, and you can play files off of SD cards if it strikes your fancy, though Philips isn't forthcoming on codec support. Unfortunately, the 2.5 hours of battery life is hardly enough for that marathon session you were planning of badly dubbed American TV -- we know how you Europeans do. No word on price or availability, so we're going to guess "soon" and "free."

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