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Reminder: The WoW Insider Show premieres tomorrow!

Mike Schramm

Just in case you missed it earlier this week, set your clocks for 3:30 EST tomorrow afternoon, Saturday the 1st, because WoW Insider and WoW Radio are making history. We're premiering The WoW Insider Show, a brand new podcast that combines the audio genius of Totalbiscuit and his gang at WoW Radio with the vast knowledge (and witty asides) of all the staff here at WoW Insider. Every week, we're going to take a look at what's happened in Azeroth the past week, as well as give you a chance to share your input and ask us what we think about the World of Warcraft.

Oh, and there'll be prizes! We're kicking it off right by giving away a Murloc suit, straight from BlizzCon. To win, all you have to do is listen-- during the show, we'll give out a secret phrase and ask you to email it to us before Saturday at midnight, and then we'll chose one person who does that to get a code for a Murloc suit. It's your chance to win one of the hottest items in the game, just for listening!

So check us out over at WoW Radio tomorrow afternoon at 3:30 EST. We'll also have a downloadable mp3 of the show available next week, and the show should appear on iTunes soon (as soon as we record it, that is). But if you listen later, you can't win the Murloc suit, so if you're available, check in and listen live with us tomorrow afternoon. Be there as WoW Insider and WoW Radio make some history, and bring you the ultimate World of Warcraft podcast.

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