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CNN HD is ready whenever DirecTV is

Ben Drawbaugh

CNN HD launched today, but there's no one to notice, since the only carriage agreement in place is with DirecTV and since their newest bird DirecTV 10 won't be operational till later this month, they aren't ready for them. HD news is the latest rage, and CNN HD will be the first national 24 hour news channel presented in HD. And like other HD news, it will be a mix of SD and HD. Our favorite quote is, "We're not going to stretch our video." when asked how they would deal with 4:3 shots from their library clips and the newsgathering. The worst news is that they haven't upgraded their studio in Atlanta yet, so shows like The Situation Room with anchor Wolf Blitzernot won't be in HD. They are working to make it all HD by upgrading studios and the newsgathering cameras, but as we've learned, these things take time. The other thing that takes time are carriage agreements, which they say are also in progress. We've stopped trying to make sense of these negotiations, especially when you consider that Time Warner Cable and CNN HD are owned by the same company, yet CNN HD will debut on DirecTV.

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