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Study predicts RIP for RPTV's by 2011

Steven Kim

A study from technology analysis firm IDC is predicting that annual RPTV sales will sink below 30,000 units over the next 48 months. The market for large, direct view sets was ruled by these displays not long ago -- sales peaked at 3.5 million units in 2004. But increasing competition (in both display size and price) from plasma and especially LCD isn't showing any signs of slowing. Even though we've seen RPTV's making moves in the bigger (and even bigger) and slimmer directions, it will probably only delay the inevitable. But if you're shopping for a bargain, keep an eye on these displays. In terms of dollar-per-square inch, you should be able to score a sweet deal over the coming months. As the article recommends, though, "Just be sure to get that extended warranty!"

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