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Details about DirecTV's new HDTV channels continue to emerge

Ben Drawbaugh

Ahh, the anticipation of new HDTV channels. You know, It's one thing when you're waiting for new channels to launch, but when there are so many expected all at once from your provider, well, it's more than most of us can handle. We don't know about anyone else, but we're ready; we got our MPEG4 hardware, our 5 LNB dish and even our B-Band converter, all there is to do now is wait. No one seems to know, exactly which day is the day, but our best guess is about Sept 15th. The other thing that still seems to be up in the air, is exactly how many channels will be available. DirecTV only says there will be 100 this year, and while some networks seem to be ready whenever they are, others have yet to make an announcement. Satellite guys has received a list, also without dates. CSRs have also been telling customers what they can expect at launch -- we know how reliable they can be. While the list of 57 channels is certainly impressive and will make them the new HD leader -- assuming DISH doesn't add the same channels, it is still a far cry from the 100 promised.

Here is the list DirecTV customer service reps have reported, the full list from DirecTV after the jump.
  1. A&E HD
  2. Big Ten Network HD
  3. Cartoon Network
  4. CNN HD
  5. Food Network HD
  6. Versus HD\Golf HD
  7. HGTV-HD
  8. History Channel HD
  9. NFL Network HD
  10. National Geographic HD
  11. Smithsonian (channel 267)
  12. TBS in HD

Channels that they will market to customers, but no exact dates.

  1. A&E HD
  2. ABC Family HD
  3. Bravo HD
  4. ESPNews HD
  5. Food Network HD
  6. Fuel TV HD
  7. FX HD
  8. HGTV-HD
  9. Cartoon Network
  10. Chiller HD
  11. CNBC HD
  12. CNN HD
  13. History Channel HD
  14. MHD
  15. USA Network HD
  16. National Geographic HD
  17. Discovery Channel HD
  18. Disney Channel HD
  19. TBS in HD
  20. Animal Planet HD
  21. The 101 HD
  22. TLC HD
  23. Toon Disney HD
  24. Weather Channel HD
  25. Big Ten Network HD
  26. Tennis Channel HD
  27. Speed Channel HD
  28. NFL Network HD
  29. Versus HD/Golf Ch HD
  30. Sci-Fi Network HD
  31. Science Channel HD

Channels they plan to add, but carriage agreements have not be finalized.
  1. HBO HD West
  2. HBO2 HD East
  3. HBO2 HD West
  4. HBO Family East
  5. HBO Family West
  6. HBO Latino
  7. HBO Signature
  8. Showtime HD West
  9. Cinemax HD East
  10. Cinemax HD West
  11. MoreMax
  12. The Movie Channel HD East
  13. Starz HD East
  14. Starz HD West
  15. Starz Edge HD
  16. Starz Comedy HD
  17. Starz Kids & Family HD

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