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Sony's Bravia S3000 LCD TV's, now in 8 flavors

Steven Kim

Usually when we talk about color on Engadget HD, we mean NTSC charts. In their press release, however, Sony is touting the cabinet colors of its newly-announced Bravia S3000 LCD TV's. The S3000 series compact cabinet designs are appropriate for "fit anywhere" applications and with the colors available, they can do double duty as "accent elements" in your decor. There are 20- and 26-inch models in the range, available in eight total colors. The 26-inch model is available in black, dark blue and silver; the 20-inch model comes in a choice of black, silver, silk white, deep mauve, mocha, powder blue and fuchsia pink. Both sizes sport WXGA resolution, HDMI input (one on the 20-inch, two for the 26-inch), and a speaker mounted below the display. No word on US availability.

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