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Wii Warm Up: A different shooter


We spent all last week talking about Metroid Prime 3, so let's pick up with something not-so-completely different: Medal of Honors: Heroes 2. Early word on this game is nothing short of amazing. Screenshots that have us a little impressed. 32-person (!) online multiplayer. But best of all? Word is that the controls are awesome, and that's what really matters. It looks like EA is really sinking their teeth into the Wii, from their special control schemes to their game choices. We never thought we'd say this, but they're shaping up to be one of our favorite developers this cycle.

IGN's Matt Casamassina recently spent some quality time with the latest Medal of Honor title and has nothing but praise for it. Apparently it even adds a little something to the WWII game, which is good news; we're starting to think that developers have forgotten every other war in history. He does lament the on-rails aspect of Arcade Mode, but says everything else (i.e., the shooting part of the shooting game) is worth playing. The more free-flowing Campaign Mode, however, moves beyond simply "worth playing" and into "rivals Metroid," which piques our interest something fierce. So let's talk. Are you into this one? Has it cropped up on your radar now? Or are you skeptical until you see more on it?

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