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Harvey Birdman gets on Wii's case Nov. 13


Capcom is bringing Harvey Birdman's courtroom fumbling to the Wii this November alongside previously announced PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable versions. Based on the Adult Swim television show of the same name, Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law has players donning the law suit of the eponymous and spectacularly unskilled attorney in five "uproarious" cases. Screenshots and gameplay footage indicate a striking similarity to Capcom's other (ace) attorney at law, Phoenix Wright. That's most certainly a good thing, and since we spotted Street Fighter's Guile in the proceedings, there's always the possibility of a crazy cameo.

One thing Wii owners (or Attorn-wiis, if you can still stomach Wii puns) may object to is the $10 price difference between versions. Whereas the PS2 and PSP games are both priced at $29.99, the Wii version asks $39.99, presumably for the ability to point at menu options as opposed to scrolling through them with a directional pad. If you'd rather not pay waggle tax, the PSP and PS2 variants arrive alongside the Wii version on November 13th.

Update: Capcom says it currently costs more to publish on the Wii than it does on the other systems, hence the higher price. Waggle tax indeed.

[Via press release]

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