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iPhone was the best selling smartphone in July

Mat Lu

Numbers released by iSuppli show that the iPhone outsold all smartphones in the month of July. Further, it outsold all "feature phones" with the exception of the LG Chocolate (which it tied). All told the iPhone represented 1.8% of handsets sold in the US in July. The numbers breakdown also show that 25% of iPhone buyers switched to AT&T. Based on these numbers iSuppli estimated that Apple will move 4.5m this year and (somehow) estimates worldwide shipments of 30m by 2011. In any case, it's abundantly clear that the iPhone is well on it's way to being a major success in the most profitable part of the market. Of course, it's hard to know how well the sales numbers will hold up once the initial rush has passed, but if Apple continues its iPod trend of improving features and lowering prices I suspect we'll be talking about amazing iPhone numbers for quite some time to come.

[via electronista]

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