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News of titles and tabards

Dan O'Halloran

Player Narci of Nordrassil thinks the game needs a little more flavor. More cool looking tabards with clickable particle effects and titles earned through means other than PvP. CM Vaneras agrees.

Vaneras confirmed that more titles will be introduced into the game, though he didn't say what titles, when or how they will be earned. He also said that older PvP titles will be reintroduced into the game, but couldn't give us a timeline on when that will happen.

As for tabards, he couldn't confirm any plans to add more to game. But he did express the personal opinion that he would like to see more. More designs, more ways to quest, craft and loot them. And, let's face it, more tabards is good thing to cover up our mismatched visible armor.

What do you think of more titles and tabards? What titles would you like to see? What tabard designs would be cool? Should you get a tabard for killing Illidan or some other large accomplishment in game?

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