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Blizzplanet brings you the lore of the Sunwell

Matthew Rossi

Blizzplanet, long home to detailed loregasms for those of us who can't keep it all straight (I have to use Know Your Lore constantly to keep track of who we're killing and why, try to keep it all straight as I may) as well as a good general resource for all of Blizzard's games, has dropped a nice roundup of the Sunwell lore in time for us to begin thinking about the Sunwell Plateau, the last big content release before Wrath of the Lich King drops. Packed with spoilers for the Sunwell Trilogy manga (which I have never read) it does a pretty decent job of filling in spaces I had missed... for example, I had no idea who this Dar'khan fellow was or how he'd betrayed the High Elves to the Scourge, and that's even after I'd killed him a couple of times. I need to start reading the quest text more and just clicking through to my rewards less.

Thanks to Chadwick for the tip and to Blizzplanet for a very comprehensive look at the Sunwell's appearances in the game to date. They even manage to tie in the heroes of the Sunwell Trilogy to what's happening to Malygos in Wrath of the Lich King. I had no idea I was helping to eradicate all spellcasters on Azeroth when I did that quest. Live and learn, I guess, unless Malygos kills us all, in which case... oops.

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