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Hori Fighting Stick, unboxed and in the nude

Eric Caoili

Japanese site Game Watch got a hold of Hori's Fighting Stick Wii, posting photos of the arcade controller out of its box and in use at their office. They might as well have put up pictures of themselves caressing its white casing, smirking at the camera with a "you wish your life was as good as ours" look, shirt half unbuttoned to suggest the night ahead, for all the jealousy they've aroused in us. Quarter circle forward past the post break break to see a couple of those images.

The Wii remote dangling off of the arcade stick, unfortunately, isn't very attractive. We prefer not having to hook anything on for wireless controls, but we wouldn't have minded the Classic-Controller-styled setup if there was at least a way to unobtrusively attach the remote; it's not like there isn't any room inside the arcade stick's mostly empty shell.

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