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HTC website leaks AT&T Tilt, BlackBerry Connect support

Chris Ziegler

In case there was any lingering doubt that AT&T would pick up the Kaiser as the successor to its 8525, this should put all those nasty thoughts to rest. Paul from MoDaCo has noticed that HTC's US site now rocks a guide to setting up BlackBerry Connect on the AT&T 8925 "Tilt," confirming several notable things: one, that AT&T is getting the device, two, that it's called the Tilt and its model number is 8925, and three, that it'll support BlackBerry Connect. Sadly, HTC's apparent misstep (or clever leak designed to get us all foaming at the mouth, depending on how you look at it) reveals nothing about a Tilt release date, but we've gotta think it's coming before too long now.

[Via MoDaCo]

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