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LG's VX10000 and VX8800 touchscreen spyshots?


Here you go spyshot fans: purported pics of LG's new VX10000 and VX8800 handsets which recently cleared FCC approval. They're definitely grainy pics of something with all the naughty bits blocked to protect the innocent. Of course, the VX10000 is fascinating as the supposed successor to LG's VX9900 QWERTY beast. Perhaps more interesting to the masses, however, is that VX8800 slider up there which by all accounts would be the successor to LG's (and Verizon's) VX8550. Just look at that display: big (and thick), and presumably touch-sensitive all baked onto a slider. Shazam!

Gallery: LG's VX10000 and VX8800 touchscreen spyshots | 6 Photos

[Thanks, anonymous tipster]

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