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Nintendo officially getting that thing Capcom sent them


Gamefly is vindicated again. Wii gamers are indeed getting the Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law game, on the same day the PS2 and PSP versions are released: November 13. Unfortunately, there's a $10 penalty for wanting to play this on the Wii-- the Wii version costs $40 versus the $30 PS2 and PSP versions.

On the upside, paying ten dollars more for a game than it costs on the PS2 really gives us a taste of the next-generation experience. And on the real upside, we're getting the comedy lawyer adventure in the first place. And, if it's as basically like Phoenix Wright as it looks, and as funny as the show is, that's a big old victory for the Wii.

[Via Game|Life; the title joke references the same line used in this other Game|Life post, but it's from the show, so we don't think they have an exclusive claim on it.]

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