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Rumor: New BioShock plasmids already exist

Dustin Burg

Those sneaky file searchers over at the 2K Games forums have uncovered a few text strings embedded in the PC version of BioShock's game code which hint at a new set of plasmids coming our way. After looking through the game's install files for a reference to a PC game editor, forum member Zemlor stumbled across a reference to a piece of content called "PlasmidPack1". The description for the content reads; "Having concluded clinical trials on four new Genetic Improvements, Ryan Industries is proud to announce the general release of their newest products:" and lists four new plasmids including Machine Buster, Vending Expert, Sonic Boom and Eve Savor. Not only that, but the game code also lists various unused plasmid types and descriptions. Exciting, no?

But don't get overly pumped just yet, because it seems that the new plasmid content needs to be activated via some sort of online key. Also, this code was found on the PC version and could simply be "junk code". Though, we're the gambling types and are willing to bet that new plasmids will be hitting the XBLM in the near future and (fingers crossed) for free. Because if we have to pay for them and they are already on the BioShock game disc awaiting an online "activation code" to unlock, then we'll be a few bitter fanboys. Not allowing us to use certain content that's already on the disc for the sole reason of charging us down the road makes us furious. Don't do it 2K ... don't do it.

[Thanks, Matt]

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