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Secure Your Mac: a new TUAW series

Scott McNulty

Many in the Mac community feel as though OS X, and Macs in general, benefit from some special aura of security. It is true that there are no known viruses for OS X in the wild, but that doesn't mean that we Mac users can let down our guard. We live in an age where more and more of our personal information stored on our computers, one nice, tidy present for any would be identify thieves. Once some ne'er do well gets their hands on your Mac, you could very well be in deep, deep trouble. I know you don't think it could happen to you, but neither did the folks who left their machines at this Apple Store for servicing.

We at TUAW feel it is our duty to help you help yourself, and protect your Macs. Today we are introducing a new series called 'Secure your Mac' in which we will offer up tips, tricks, and howtos all designed to help your Mac stay safe in our troubling times. Some of these tips will be rather straightforward, and others might be entirely new to you. We hope that you not only learn a few things, but that you implement some, if not all, of these tricks so that you can sleep a little more soundly at night.

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