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Sony intros the HES-V1000 media server and 200 disc Blu-ray player


Sony is making some interesting announcements at CEDIA today, not the least of which is the new HES-V1000, a "home entertainment center" / massive Blue-ray disc-changer meant to keep all your media in one place... Sony style! Imagine if you will a small tower, stacked with a 500GB hard drive and the outrageous room for 200 discs from your personal Blu-ray collection. That's right, if you've purchased almost every single disc available on Blu-ray right now (or as we like to call it, the Sony Movie Library), you can cram them all into this tall, black, polished drink of water. Of course you can store your other music and movies on the internal drive, and play it all back in 1080p wherever it seems appropriate (living room, family room... boudoir). Stream your hot action wirelessly using the oddball DLNA "standard," allowing connections with ten devices, and four independent audio streams. The HES-V1000 also boasts Sony's x-Pict Story HD and x-ScrapBook, two slide show utilities that probably make your family photos seem more compelling than they actually are. Get one in October for the terrifically low price of $3,500.

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