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Ultra-violent TimeShift commercial


This commercial for TimeShift is one of those things that after watching all the kids go, "Me wants, zomg!!111!1!" And all the adults go, "Where's the game footage? That's not the game." Granted, we haven't seen past the demo, so maybe there's a convenience store robbery you thwart in the past in FMV and it'll all make sense. As a stand-alone piece this commerical is great -- but the original trailer was at least CGI and not some guy walking around in a leftover Power Rangers costume.

TimeShift is still scheduled for an Oct. 30 release on Xbox 360 and PC, PS3 owners are looking at a "December" release. We're still not over calling the game TimeScript though, based off the demo not allowing us to save friendly soldiers we clearly have the "time" to save. Who knows, maybe the game will impress while the demo didn't, that's still our hope for Heavenly Sword.

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