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Wii Warm Up: The online incentive


While I had fun with a quick demonstration of Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3, I'm generally not enough of a DBZ fan to give strong consideration to purchasing it. So it's got 150 characters-- that's just 150 identical big-haired Akira Toriyama characters I can't tell apart.

That's how I'd feel if not for the online play. We're sort of starved for online multiplayer on the Wii, and the idea of an online fighting game is almost irresistable. I'm pretty sure I can put up with the Dragon Ball Z-ness in the interest of playing a fast-paced fighting game online.

How do you feel? Is the promise of wi-fi enough to sway you towards a game that you normally wouldn't care about? Or is, say, Pokémon with other people still just Pokémon?

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