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Everquest I and II adds card game Legends of Norrath

Justin McElroy

How do you renew flagging interest in an MMORPG, especially when there's clearly another top dog? For MMORPG granddaddy Everquest, part of the solution (they hope) comes in the form of a new, digital collectable card game called Legends of Norrath: Oathbound. The first of what Sony says will be a series, Oathbound features 375 cards in 55-card starter decks for $9.99 and 15-card booster packs for $2.99.

The game is playable from EQ I or II, thought a stand-alone client is due for free on Sept. 12. You can test your skills (and decks) against others in the Tournament and Casual lobbies that have been set up or you can play against the AI. This isn't necessarily the sort of thing that would make us cheat on WoW, but if you're still a Norrath denizen, it sounds like this would certainly beat /gems.

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