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Heavenly Sword to be bundled with French PS3


Sony has confirmed that the French will be getting a new "Starter Pack" for their PlayStation 3s starting Sept. 19 which will include Heavenly Sword and F1 Championship Edition. The rest of Europe can still take their Motorstorm, along with Resistance, and like it too! Speaking with, Sony said, "The choice of which titles to include in the Starter Pack, and the freedom to change the titles is up to the individual markets based on their unique market conditions."

Sony went on to confirm that this new pack will be introduced in France for the time being and will be available for the Heavenly Sword launch. Actually, it would be hilarious if Sony America ever introduced the Starter Pack in the States and started offering games to "individual markets based on their unique market conditions." One state gets Motorstorm, while another gets Heavenly Sword. We'd love to see how those determinations would be made.

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