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HP announces HP iPAQ 300 Series Travel Companion


HP sure has used up plenty of digits in its iPAQ line today, with its 600 and 900 Series smartphones and 100 and 200 Series PDAs complemented by the company's new iPAQ 300 Series GPS unit. This one boasts a 4.3-inch WVGA display, with a Centrality Titan 600MHz processor on the inside, along with 128MB of SDRAM, "up to" 2GB of Flash ROM, built-in Bluetooth, and an SD slot for expansion, with Windows CE 5.0 serving as the OS. You'll also, of course, get the usual array of PMP functions (including some unspecified games), as well as text-to-speech functionality to back up the on-screen directions, and support for RDS/TMC traffic data. As with today's other iPAQ gear, however, there's no specific word on pricing or availability, though we wouldn't expect 'em to be too far off. [Warning: PDF link]

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