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Metareview: Worms: Open Warfare 2


The recent Worms: Open Warfare 2 only has a few major reviews under its metaphorical belt thus far, but if the current scoring trend continues, the title will take its place among some of the most beloved titles on the system. The latest Worms installment has racked up some high praise and has already snagged the 20th slot on Metacritic's list of the highest-ranked DS games.

Of course, as more reviews roll in, all of that could change -- but for now, things are looking good for the wiggly warriors.

IGN -- 87%: "Worms: Open Warfare 2 is a massive upgrade to the original game, so much so that it really should have been its own brand instead of "Number Two" of the 2005 release. Awesome single player campaigns, fantastic multiplayer support, and some unexpected treats specific to the unique features of the handheld. It absolutely trounces the first game in every category and finally gives the Nintendo DS the true Worms experience."

1UP -- 90%: "The first Open Warfare squashed the prolific series' typically sharp and colorful visuals into a fuzzy mess, and offered essentially one mode (skirmish). Open Warfare 2 simply blows it away with the first truly engaging Worms single-player campaign, an absolute bounty of customization options, the deep multiplayer we've come to expect from the series (with Wi-Fi this time), and even some entertaining DS-specific minigames. This is truly a Worms to be excited about, with portability that plays to the strengths of the series."

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